Do you often use the YouTube app for Android? Well, this collection of tricks is going to come from pearls: 10 different ways (+ 1) to take to another level the application.

One of the star applications of Google on any smartphone, whether or not Android, is YouTube. No matter what competition, YouTube must be on each and every screen. It offers access to tons of entertainment and is the most important information channel today. Who has not spent an afternoon watching videos on YouTube with no intention other than to let go of worry-free time?

Videos of kittens, ninjas doing unboxing of Nexus mobile, known youtuber’s channels, vertical videos … No matter the style of your tastes, YouTube is your key content provider. Even from music, this streaming service has become the best free music player out there. However, you need a connection to work …

Want to make the most of YouTube for Android? We have selected the 10 basic tricks to get it to work just the way you want it. Do you know them all?

Play videos with the screen off

There are many ways to get it, but none with the original application. One of the simplest, and which we emphasize, is to open YouTube from Telegram. It allows you to listen to music without having the YouTube application open and even works with the screen off.Simply open the video from a Telegram chat, play it and click on the floating window button. Turn off the screen and go: the video will continue to ring.

Play YouTube videos in floating window

This is an added trick of the previous one since you only have to open the videos with Telegram and click on the button of floating window.

Download videos from YouTube

It is a feature that does not offer YouTube as a series but had it for subscribers to Google Play Music but is very easy to get with applications such as NewPipe. This app has a search engine and also allows the opening of videos from the link. Once you have chosen the reproduction you can see it in a floating window (extension of the previous trick) and download it in the different qualities available.

NewPipe is an excellent application to download videos from YouTube, but it does not allow the synchronization of the account nor does it have a history. Another very good option is Vidmate.

Download YouTube music in MP3

It is not the same thing to download the entire video that you download only the audio in MP3. The previous app, NewPipe, already has this function, but there is another application that we consider more timely: YouTube Music or YMusic. You can download the application from this thread of XDA Developers: its use is as simple as navigating to the particular music video and clicking on the download options.

Change double-tap forward or reverse time

If you press twice on the left or right side of the screen you advance or rewind a specific time in the video. By default, they are 10 seconds, but you can modify it up to 1 minute. How? Simple:

  • Click on the image of your account, at the top right of the screen.
  • Scroll to the settings.
  • Select “General”.
  • Scroll to ” Play twice to advance or rewind ” and select the time you want.

Save mobile data

Depending on the resolution of your mobile YouTube will upload the videos to one quality or another. This implies that if you see them being connected to your mobile data, your data rate will suffer if the video passes HD. To avoid this you can activate the limiter so that the maximum quality only goes up if you connect to WiFi.

  • Access your YouTube settings from your account icon.
  • Activate the option “Limit mobile data” from the general settings.

Prevents your children from seeing sensitive content

YouTube is often one of the key applications for tablets and mobile phones used by children, so make sure they only reproduce the most suitable for them. One of the recommendations is to use one of your accounts: this way you will have access to the history to know what they are reproducing. Another tip is that you use YouTube Kids: you will only see child-friendly content.

You can activate a content filter in the “normal” YouTube application. This way the app will filter videos that are cataloged as sensitive content. For that:

  • Enter into YouTube settings.
  • Go to “General”.
  • Activate the ” Restricted Mode ” box.

Eliminates continuous video playback

YouTube for Android has also enabled the automatic playback of videos in mobile applications, although turning it off is very simple:

  • As in the previous options, go to the YouTube settings and then enter “General”.
  • Turn off ” Auto Play “.

Prevent YouTube from flooding you with notifications

That is a channel uploads a video, that person has made a comment, someone has valued a comment in a video that you did two months before … YouTube allows a noticeable amount of ads, many insubstantial. And all can be managed from the same site: notifications.

It may seem obvious, but you do not know the number of times we are asked how to remove the happy notifications from videos. Well, it’s as simple as going to the YouTube account settings (top right corner of the screen vertically, over the avatar of the account) and entering the notifications. Once there, deactivate the ones you need.

It is important that you keep your ” Subscriptions ” notifications active. One last trick related to your favorite channels is to activate “the bell” so you do not miss any new videos. Go to your channels and click on the bell icon. Make sure the icon changes to that of a bell with “waves” or click on the options and choose “All”.

Watch videos with regional block

Is there a YouTube video that you can not see because it’s blocked in your country? There’s a simple way to unlock the region for playbacks: use a VPN.

There are many applications of this style, but we recommend TunnelBear. You just have to install it, start the application and use a server like the USA or the country for which the video is blocked. With TunnelBear you have 500 MB free, enough to see a specific video from the mobile.

TunnelBear VPN
Requires Android Varies by device

Extra Trick: Convert YouTube videos into Gifs

You can convert a portion of a YouTube video into a Gif in a simple way and without using any separate application. Follow the procedure below:

  • Share a YouTube video and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Paste the link into a web browser like Chrome and press enter.
  • You’ll see the video played on the mobile version of YouTube.
  • Look at the URL and change the ” ” to ” gifs “. You accept.
  • You will be charged the mobile page of It has a time selector that you can adjust to trim the gif. Then just click on ” Create Gif ” and follow the steps.
  • Download the gif with ” Download Gif ” and share it as you want.

What do you think these YouTube tricks for Android? Looking for a specific option that you have not yet found?